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I’ve had headaches all my life. I thought it was something that I was just going to have to live with. After a few visits, they improved significantly! I haven’t had a headache in the last 3 months. — Kenneth J.

My headaches were so bad, I had to lay down in a dark room. I was unable to do anything. After meeting with a Neurologist and following his care plan, I feel like a new person. — Elizabeth C.

A friend of mine told me about AICA. He knew I suffered with migraines. Wow…I am truly thankful that I listened to him. I went and met with the Doctors and staff at AICA. They helped me get my life back! — Erin R.

I didn’t understand how my neck could cause my headaches. However, after the first adjustment, my headaches went away! — Ira M.

With all the stress during the day, my headaches seem to get worse. By the time I got home from work, I could hardly spend time with my family because of my pain. I started receiving my treatment on the way home from work and soon after I was able to enjoy my family! — Nicole S.

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Don’t let headaches get the best of you. Visit the Headache Specialist at the nearest AICA center and get the treatment you need. Many people suffer from headaches and migraines on a daily basis. Our headache specialists solved their problems and they can solve your’s too. Our doctors are experts. They will diagnose the cause of your headaches and provide the proper treatment to make you start feeling better instantly. Our specialists are standing by 24/7. So if you suffer from headaches, get the help you need by calling or visiting us today.

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